Fellini Soft-Dapper Purple Monk Strap Shoe


Fellini Soft-Dapper Calf Leather Monk Strap Shoe

With its richly textured patina and double buckles, this distinctive style offers discerning gents a more idiosyncratic approach to the dress shoe. Just a bit rakish yet always appropriate, the Monk Strap is impeccably crafted from the finest Les Tanneries Du Puy calf leather and hand-painted by our master colorists for a uniquely luxurious finish.

Whether you are in the market for a distinctive ready-to-wear shoe crafted with the utmost quality and artistry, or feel inspired to collaborate on a truly one-of-a-kind pair, JMLEGAZEL’s Manhattan location is the ultimate destination for this essential accessory. Offering a taste of the brand’s Parisian roots and workshop, the atelier has an array of special colors, treatments, finishes and processes to suit your needs — from the subtle nuance of a patinated shoe that picks up the precise hue of your suit; to a wonderfully expressive upper hand-painted upon request; to a proper bespoke pair crafted entirely to your specifications.

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